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Residential Advisor (Female)

Location: Farmington
Posted on: May 30, 2024

Job Description:

The Residential Advisor performs pro-active support and mentorship of all students residing in the residential environment. Assures a well-balanced, nurturing, supportive, and psychologically healthy home living environment for all resident students. The Residential Advisor assures a safe and healthy home living environment for all resident students.

  • AA degree required. Courses related to working with children such as child development, education and behavioral sciences such as counseling, social work or psychology, and cultural studies.
  • Two or more years of successful experience working with high school age students in a residential setting.
  • Strong Computer skills.
  • Basic counseling knowledge and methods as applied to students.
  • Strong leadership, communication and human relations skills in working with Native American students.
  • Ability to speak Navajo is preferred.
  • Effective and appropriate oral and written communication skills in working with students, staff, parents, and public.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

    New employees in this position must provide documentation of immunity or immunization against tetanus, diphtheria, and measles/rubella and of tuberculosis status by skin test or X-ray within thirty (30) days of hiring, and at such additional intervals as may be determined by the immediate supervisor.
    Navajo/Indian preference:
    Consideration for employment will be given to Navajo, American Indian or Alaskan Tribal member with the required documentation including the necessary qualifications to meet the minimum requirements of the position. The Navajo/Indian preference law shall apply in all aspects of the position.
    The position is non-exempt and paid hourly based on the current school year.
    Note: Notwithstanding the above, this position is subject to possible furlough or reduction in force under NPS, Inc. Personnel Policies; due to unforeseen reductions in program funding that requires such general program changes.
    Primary: Dean of Student Life

    • Supports and efficiently carries out responsibilities in accordance with Navajo Preparatory School, Inc. (NPS) Policies and Procedures.
    • Represents NPS in a manner reflecting professionalism and which enhances community understanding of the program.
    • Secures and protects the confidentiality of NPS, Inc. faculty and student information.
    • Takes the initiative to develop a strong residential program that promotes independent living and preparation for college dorm life; develop recognition and reward system; develop and lead weekly activities (e.g., crafts, games and exercise).
    • Provides residential supervision at all times to ensure student safety and accountability; check morning details; conduct hourly and dorm perimeter checks.
    • Maintain accurate and updated student files and prepare them for ISEP audits; update student attendance on NASIS; perform other computer or filing work as assigned.
    • Pull up grade checks and provide to afternoon shift RA for review and intervention; post dorm average GPA for each grading period.
    • Develop student work details to maintain residential facilities in a clean, orderly and safe manner.
    • Implement student safety rules including medication check-in, dispensing and monitoring; injury reporting; fire safety drills; and student attendance and accountability.
    • Hold monthly dorm meetings.
    • Residential Intakes must be completed in the first 2 weeks of school.
    • Take leadership to maintain academic support services, including weekly grade checks; restrict cell phone usage during study hall and lights out; hold additional study hall and tutoring, when needed; talk with students who are getting poor grades or whose grades are falling.
    • Support and coordinate residential activities that promote adolescent growth and development, as well as cultural activities; create flyers and other dorm announcements for dorm activities.
    • Report any safety deficiencies and submit work orders to the Dean of Student Life and Facility Manager.
    • Handle student problems appropriately and in a professional manner; report all incidences to Dean of Student Life.
    • Apply basic counseling knowledge when necessary and make appropriate referrals for medical, physical and mental health, or academic assistance in the best interest of the student.
    • Report any suspected violation of the law such as; child abuse of any kind, harassment, illegal use or sale of drugs or alcohol, threats or possession of a weapon, and other violations to the Dean of Student Life.
    • Listen to concerns of the parents and students; when necessary, advise parents on proper channels for addressing issues; and inform the Dean of Student Life of such concerns.
    • Be knowledgeable of school resources and McKenzie School Based Health Center Services as well as with public and private agencies that can assist with particular student problems and make appropriate referrals. Collaborate with SBHC and School Nurse's office to communicate to students regarding appointments and/or special events.
    • Chaperone students during off-campus trips.
    • Assist the academic program by monitoring evening study hall.
    • Consistently abide by all policies as well as student discipline policies.
    • Participate in major school activities such as academic banquet, sport banquet, graduation and other activities.
    • Interact with colleagues, supervisors, faculty, staff, students, parents and community members in a professional manner.
    • CPR/First Aid Training/Blood Borne Pathogen Training/Proof of Certification and background check required as a condition of employment.
    • Commit to a growth plan that relates to the scope of the services provided to the School.
    • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
    • Resident advisors will demonstrate positive and supportive interaction with all students in their dorm.
    • Resident advisor will maintain ongoing positive communication with all students.
    • Resident advisor will assure that all intake paperwork is complete for each student: parent survey; personal information questionnaire; and intake interview.
    • Resident advisor will conduct intake interviews in a manner that establishes rapport with the student and assists in developing a positive relationship between the student and the resident advisor.
    • Resident advisor will actively participate in student staffing; will demonstrate that they are familiar with all students in the dorm; and will follow through with any tasks assigned on student service plan.
    • Resident advisors will assist the dorm officers and will assure that they conduct and document regular dorm meetings.
    • Resident advisors will assist the dorm officers and resident students in planning and implementing positive group activities that will include all dorm students.
    • Resident advisors will conduct regular educational group sessions in accordance with curriculum materials provided by the Residential Counselor (American Indian Life Skills curriculum and others). RA will demonstrate positive communication skills and interactions with residents during these sessions and will document process and outcomes.
    • Resident advisors will recognize and mediate conflicts among students including roommate conflicts and will make appropriate referrals when needed. Resident advisors will recognize students who present with more serious problems and will consult with and/or refer to appropriate counselors.
    • Resident advisors will be familiar with and comply with all student safety plans and will immediately notify designated personnel about concerns regarding these students.
    • Resident advisor will communicate with parents in a timely and positive manner.
    • Resident advisor will assure accountability for all students during residential hours through means such as student attendance checks, bed checks, activity passes, and other accountability measures as required.
    • Resident advisor will monitor the condition of the dorm and report any equipment failure, repairs needed, or safety hazards in a timely manner.
    • Resident advisor will instruct students on appropriate cleaning procedures and use of dorm equipment and supplies.
    • Resident advisor will assign cleaning details and check to assure that they are properly completed.
    • Resident advisor will monitor and assure that cleaning supplies and equipment are available in the dorm and will supervise student use of these supplies and equipment.
    • Resident advisor will assure that the kitchen area is clean and in good working condition.
    • Resident advisor will monitor the use of all dorm equipment including computers, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen equipment.
    • Resident advisor will check students in/out of dorm rooms and will document the condition of the rooms including any damages.
    • Resident advisor will assign and monitor student keys.
    • Resident advisor will secure and document all items stored in the dorm safe.
    • Resident advisor will complete all required security checks and will assure that all windows and doors are properly secured.
    • Resident advisor will monitor student hygiene and address issues as needed.
    • Resident advisor will instruct students on emergency procedures, will assure that building fire and safety drills are implemented, and will complete drill reports in a timely manner.
    • Resident advisor will monitor in-dorm study halls.
    • Resident advisor will assure that students are checked out only by an authorized person.
    • Resident advisor will monitor all visitors to the dorm.
    • Resident advisor will notify appropriate personnel about all critical incidents including disciplinary infractions and injuries and will complete reports in a timely manner.
    • Resident advisor will assure that medication cabinet is adequately supplied and secured at all times. Medication will be administered according to pro
    • cedures and will be fully documented in the medication log. This includes reminding students to take their scheduled medications, documenting when doses are missed, and communications with parents and/or School Health Office about medication issues.
    • Resident advisor will complete all required reports in a timely manner. This includes:

      • NASIS attendance report
      • Dorm status report
      • Shift report
      • Monthly report for the board to include accomplishments and concerns
      • Student dorm report card
      • All other reports as required
      • Complete and submit monthly medication and first aid supply inventory, and Medication Binder, to the School Health Office by the 5th of each month.

        Will be evaluated in accordance with the Navajo Preparatory School Board, Inc. policies and procedures.

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